Chronology In Your Text

When we talking about chronology this is an example of how it should look right there’s background at the beginning these are all the who’s what’s when’s Where’s of your story where it takes place when it takes place right and then at the end this is a thesis statement thesis data this is the main idea this is what it’s all about all right and then your actual story takes place so the first to the background of the thesis are just setting it all up for reader all right so then we got the beginning of your story and we got the middle which is the climax or the high point in your story right this is where the significant event happens.

And then your story comes to an end and then at the end of that story it’s time for you to use that insight to talk so inside it’s reflecting on reflecting on what happened in this for you what was what did I learn from this what can I take away from this right and that’s your lesson bar all right so we talked about outline and I realize you all can’t see that out there but basically as far as the graphic organizer is concerned it’s the same thing you just want students on one page to be able to to to get it all out there where they can where they have on one page a plan so that when it’s time to sit down and write that there they’re not nervous so they’re not upset they know the direction that they’re writing they’re just they’re just making it larger they’re explaining more but they got that they got that structure it’s going to help them write a successful is okay and then for writing you want to stick to your plan with you all that you came up with your plan it’s time to write rest of these.

Start writing you want to format according to the standard or you know the standard that the teacher gave you or in this case the standard we talked about there what it’s supposed to look at you have a plan and you’re just putting your plan into action then you want to bury your vocabulary right a lot of times when you have a chance you have your plans you can focus more on the other things how you say it you already know what you’re going to say so now you want to try and say it in a different way be more academic show off your literacy show up all those big words you can’t learn in a class all right it has an example of how it should look great the structure of it and I skin this right I always liked my students to double space your writing and I’ll show you why in just a second so it’s really important to do this where you have enough space around your essay.

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