Making Wise Choices

This is a really important one and I did not always talk about wise choices in my star achievement series I just introduced this about a year and a half ago and I was highly influenced by Darren Hardy and this is in your handout if you look under making wise choices I talked about Darren Hardy he’s the author of the compound effect and if you want to read an amazing book it’s an easy read it’s not real big read the compound effect it will truly impact you and so Darren says that you know where we are today is the result of choices we have made in the past. Learn how to be wiser on Edusson.

Correct the life I’m living today has to do with choices I made in the past whether they were good choices or bad choices and I have not always made the right choices I have mess believe me but I’ve also learned from that so number one each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit so if I choose again right now if I choose to go to the gym three nights a week and two days on the weekend and I stay committed to that and I push myself when I don’t want to do it it will become a habit and over time it will just I won’t even really cry think about it I’ll just say huh Monday day to go to the gym go spend an hour at the gym but if we start choosing what if I choose the other direction what if I choose and say I don’t want to go to the gym and I really rather stay home and just veg out on the couch tonight I’m tired I had a bad day and I choose that.

Well okay once in a while I do but if I do that again and again and again that’s always going to be my excuse I’m tired I’ve got too much to do my family needs my attention so I feel sometimes to our use these excuses that when in reality we do have the ability to choose what we want to do in that moment so just imagine after today after this webinar is over as you go through your day at work and you’re making choices and you’re making choices tonight another great example I have for you is assistance if you and your executive choose to have one-on-one time three days a week maybe you’ve never done this and you make it a habit and you discipline yourselves to do that do you know it will just become part of your routine and it will change the way you work and it will increase your productivity and it will build synergy and you’re gonna have better rapport with your executive so I also want you to put this in perspective at work that every day you’re making choice and those choices are going to lead to habits that you’re going to build so trying to make wise choices.

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